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Q4 Active Insights: Higher … and for how much longer?

For how long can the developed economy withstand the pain of higher interest rates? And how will that impact the fixed income arena? In this article, Colin Reedie, and the Active Fixed Income team, ponder whether investors are being sufficiently compensated for the additional risks they are taking; namely the probability of an impending recession and what form that will take.

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Read too about the prospects for global high yield – where we see opportunities – and which areas we studiously avoid. Find out why the Emerging Market Debt team is still sanguine on the prospects for growth and receding inflation and how that might impact their asset class as we head into 2024.

Finally, hear from a member of our Global Research and Engagement Groups on how European car manufacturers are combatting the growing competition from Chinese automakers in global markets, and what implications that might have on European automotive credit ratings.

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